Exikon Industries was started in order to provide lubricants and coatings for the High Temperature Metal-Working Industries.  A major focus of Exikon Industries is the aluminum forging industry.  Specializing in both aerospace and automotive applications, offerings include oil-based and low VOC water-based formulations.

Exikon also supplies graphitic coatings to Tungsten-Carbide tooling manufacturers for the protection of graphite trays used in the sintering process.  Products include water-based as well as fast drying alcohol-based coatings.  Graphitic systems also find use in many other industrial applications wherever low friction and excellent release is mandatory.

Specialty applications include graphite adhesives offered to the oiless bearing industry as well as anywhere a high carbon content bond is required.  Graphitic compounds are used to increase the efficiency of heat conduction in the heat tracing industry.  Graphite pastes are used as high-temperature greases and start-up lubricants in a multitude of applications.

Exikon specializes in many high-temperature processes.  Our ability to devise industry-specific answers to customer's problems is where we stand apart from our competition.  Customer service is our highest priority.